Megan is a theatre-maker, full of adventure, excitement and passion for the world around her. In both her academic and practical work, she often investigates the interdisciplinary fusion of disability and theatre, especially mental illness and trauma. While musing and devising art through the lens of aspects of spectatorship theory , Megan consistently vies to interrogate what connects the audience, bodies, and content on stage. Her love for communication and connecting others through meaningful dialogue, art, and empathy has made her a versatile arts administrator, most efficiently working in marketing, patron, and artist relations.

Megan has worked in various administrative and production capacities with FRIGID New York at Horse Trade, WorldStage, Rising Sun Performance Company, Sleep No More, No Peeking Theater, and Premiere Stages.


Her most recent work, what she found, premiered at the FRIGID Festival in February 2018 and won several awards including Best Drama, Best Movement, Sold Out, and HANGOVER.  

Megan is also a member of LMDA, a gluten-free cookie eater, and a mental health activist. 

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