Megan is an event and creative manager, full of adventure, excitement and passion for the world around her. Her love for communication and connecting others through meaningful dialogue, art, and empathy has made her a versatile management professional, most efficiently working in production, patron, and artist relations.

Megan has worked in various administrative and production capacities. Most recently, she held the position of LED & Breakouts Labor Manager at WorldStage, where she oversaw onsite labor needs for large breakout shows nationally, as well as managed the needs of the freelance labor pool and in-house LED and Breakout staff. 

As a theatre-maker, Megan has investigated the interdisciplinary fusion of disability and theatre, with a focus on mental illness and trauma. While creating art, she consistently vies to interrogate what connects the audience, bodies, and content on stage. Academically, Megan participated as a researcher for a book on racial diversity in performing arts management. 

Megan is also a member of LMDA, a gluten-free cookie eater, and a mental health activist. 

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