Written & Performed by Megan Bandelt 

Directed by Nj Agwuna

Technical Direction by Conor Daniel Bartram 

In a constant ricochet between disorder and disease, bubbly M brings us through her story of surviving emotional trauma, having blonde hair and how to perfectly stack pill bottles. With the aid of trusty rainbow socks and music, "Garbage" is a story of learning not to carry it all with you.


“GARBAGE is a frank, colorfully theatrical one-woman show, chronicles a journey through depression. The NYC-based Bandelt makes excellent use of the small space, stringing a triangle of cords to which she clips drawings, photos, and – in especially nice bits of stagecraft – a single light bulb. Rich in props – vodka bottles, mementos in a box – and off-beat sound design, Garbage engagingly paces Megan’s chronology. Bandelt has endearing candor, she does a fine job calibrating Megan’s ages (her 13-year-old’s bubbliness becomes a 15-year-old’s stricken restraint) and the script is riddled with empathy-arousing surprises. Here’s depression, for example: like “when you step on a chestnut, and the edges of the chestnut are digging into your toe.”

The Portland Phoenix June 2016, From Garbage to Genius: Samples of the Brilliance in PortFringe

Listed as a 'Fringe Pick' on MaineToday

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